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  1. Thanks for the rant! After I joined his webinar I was completely turned off and have been looking for content to explain what he's doing. You hit the nail on the head!

  2. Thank you for your honesty! BUT where we can find materials and videos that really can help us in digital business?! I'm a new bee in this business and I'm totally confused, there are so many videos books and curses…I feel totally lost in this ocean of information. Recommendation please.

  3. I watched his webinar, he is a real scammer. What passed me off mostly is when I discovered that the webinar is not live! It's recorded and fake! He's not even willing to waste some time while grinding tons of dollars in couple hours. I discovered this when I bought the 997 and another upgrade pops out to pay extra 699 don't remember exactly. So I kept asking him whats that upgrade is about like ten times but no answer. I had already experience in getting refunds so I did not really risk it. I went straight to see reviews about him on Reddit and others and started realizing I fell in trap. And then I came across this Sajad's video and it confirmed my suspicion! Went through their refund policy and it was a joke: they have no refund policy cos buyer already used their downloadable info lool! I mean thats everywhere where u actually use the product and don't like it and return it. But that is a scam too because there is no such policy but it is just to scare the buyers. Going through rest of refund policy, there are weak points, so I knew I can get refund for sure cos to be honest that no refund policy made me skeptical at first glance as I never seen such a policy before. So I emailed them just after two hours of buying preparing for next step of dispute in case they tried to play around, but within two hours they sent me a refund email and cancellation of scheduled payments because I took the scheduled payments option and did not pay all at once! They were smart to do this cos from the way you email them confidently not in a 'scared tone' is how you take the short path of refund as they avoid hassles with knowledgeable people to avoid damaging their reputation with banks.
    Thanks Sajad for this helpful review! Integrity pays you back at the end no matter what. I knew also that he had an older company that went into bankruptcy because of lawsuits against him and that confirms what you said meaning that scammers do not live their business forever. Keep Up!

  4. Thanks Sajad….I suspected right since the outset that this guy is also a scam like so many out there. It's worth thinking that why don't Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and the likes not out there sharing their business secrets….why are these guys so generous. It's a simple strategy to get hold of those vulnerable people who want to earn an extra buck with little effort and want to get outcome too soon.

  5. If this program of Anik won't really proven true, what would you suggest for us who are starting to explore entrepreneurship? Do you have any idea? It's quite luring because of the promised income that can be generated.

  6. My question is if this guy is a scammer why is a big name entrepenuer like Robert Kiosaki who has sold millions of copies of his book "Rich dad Poor dad" backing him up?😶😕

  7. Six figure Mentors with Stuart Ross is another one, where he gets average people (like us) to do videos to get you to watch the "Webinar" with Stuart Ross, he then puts on the big sell towards the end. The comments are laughable "I'm signing up right now" sort of thing. It is basically MLM where Stuart reaps the rewards.

  8. I really love that you deleted all the hate comments and left only those which you love. Great impact on the people👍 well, delete this one too. Anik singal always provides value, in his podcast, or youtube videos. Maybe it's all bullshit he's selling, but the point is, he's really providing great value. Can't argue with that

  9. Checked him out because of the endorsement from Robert Kiyosaki. Knew immediately that the live webinar was pre recorded when Kiyosakis intro was the same exact audio from the YouTube ad that was shown to me and the chat was clearly fake. He didn't start covering actual material until about 45 minutes in and I found his presentation style to be super tedious. He had my full attention but there is too much shady shit surrounding the sales pitch for me to ever wanna commit money. I wish Robert Kiyosaki wasn't affiliated with this.

  10. Thank you for this video, I am currently researching affiliate marketing and found this video very beneficial and the fact you didn't try to sell anything at the end. It is clear you are genuine and it is great you generating an income with integrity.

  11. Thanks for the new insights Sajad, appreciate your developing affiliate-marketing ideas. Any opinion on local lead generation? I came across Ippei Kanehara's digital property program and now, 10 months in his local lead gen program, I've got 20 sites up (8 tree, a couple remodel, and a few other random niches) , and 7 are paying me monthly (4.5k ish)

  12. So what are the alternatives??? I was saving up to join the email incubator course. It’s like £700. Full training and resources. I know it’s not easy work and it would need plenty of patient persistent work for at least the first few months but what are the alternatives??? I’m saving up and desperate to invest in a full comprehensive training course that would give me the tools and skills to start my own online business. Thank you

  13. Anik is a great marketer. His strategies are awesome. There's nothing wrong with that if someone teaches you how to build a business. Didn't expect this kind of review!

  14. I literally spent two hrs listening to his webinar but at the end bc i dont have 997 dollars so i left and found this videos.. thank god i didn't have that 997 dollars and thank you sajad

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