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  1. this sandbox thing is just semantics! People say there is no sandbox… but in the same sentence they say that your website wont rank much at all for 6-8 months. So… there is a sandbox then! Whether you decide to call it a 'sandbox or a 'banana', the effect is the same! Google may not formally admit it, but they certainly don't really rank websites younger than 6 months old much at all!

  2. Hi. I'm doing a vid cramming week. Found this one today. GREAT session is so on point..awesome Re. Freebie wordpress themes etc. I will be able to save money this month. Cheers too for the tip on email lists. Cheers guys for keeping everyone's focused n positive. Have a good one.

  3. You guys are a breath of fresh air on the internet: real people, giving information and advice that actually works. What an amazing concept; actually showing people how you can help them, by actually helping them!

  4. Well, i have had my ministry site since the middle of October and so far, I am the only visitor. 🙁 how long before someone will find me besides me?

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