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  1. 1. Coupoun.
    2. Easy links of affiliate.
    3. Info products email.
    4. Youtube and webinar conversion.
    5. Timer.
    6. Upsell.
    7. First email good use.
    8. Podcast.

  2. Hey guys great content! Two questions: 1) does the abandoned cart from check out work for mobile? How does any software know that someone is leaving from there phone?

    2) dont you want to send someone a confirmation email when they purchase? When do you ask for email at checkout?

    Any more marketing hacks videos for 2020???😏

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  4. Great video BUT with hack #7 I would recommend limiting the number of upsells you offer!! I've purchased from sites that had as much as 7 add on products and each one when you clicked on no thanks it would reduce the price. Click no again it goes to another product and the process kept rolling on and on. That is a good way of having your customer base never buy from you again.

  5. Having a coupon on your own website is genius. There've been times when I would hunt for a coupon, all of which are out of date or don't apply, and by the time I was done, I'd decided to postpone my purchase.

  6. Wow! These are some amazing hacks! Thank you for all this information and the different tools you guys mention. Good stuff.

  7. Really enjoyed watching the ad that previewed your video,lol. It was a lady talking about click funnels. I loved the girls story about her journey. I also loved your video of course.

  8. I've always heard that having the link to your article in the description of your YouTube video is best. 1 – It's a back link and 2 – It signals Google that a custom video was made for that article. But you're saying to make viewers search for your article instead of linking to it in the video's description.

    Can anyone confirm which practice is best for Google rankings?

    Excellent video guys! Keep them coming!

  9. Haha! I just decided to put those BUY NOW links with pictures on my pages for related products. The never deterred me actually. I dont love* the huge orange "buy now" button, but i like that the link comes with the picture, description and the price that the custom links come with, so I dont have to save all those pictures. But I'll keep your advice in mind! Thanks guys!

  10. Hey guys.
    First of all I would like to thank you for your great content. I'm a beginner and trying to get as much information as possible. And I have a question here about hack nr.3 with the carts. How can you change the prices or make a discount on the product that you don't own, for example Amazon's products? Or the example was just when you own the product?
    I heard somewhere else about the discounts as well, but there was no clear explanation, I wonder maybe you could help me out with this.
    Thanks a lot in advance and PLEASE keep up the good work haha.

  11. I have to say.. I just found your channel a few nights ago, and have been binging as many of your videos as possible since. So many people handing out poor information, its nice to finally find someone who gives real, accurate, and most importantly, useful information. Ive been working on my website for a while now, while also working essentially 3 jobs, without much free time to spare, and having never in my life had a moment of website design or creation experience. As I'm finally close to launching the site, its great to get all the tips you guys are providing. Its very much appreciated, and couldnt have come at a better time! Thank you!

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