Attorney Internet Marketing SEO Attorney Marketing and Law Firm Marketing requires you on your clients needs and …


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  1. Awesome video about marketing. Using competitive link acquisition can definitely increase page rank over time. Another way of greatly impacting your SEO is through social media platforms.

  2. this is for attorneys, they could afford $1000 and if you charged them $10,000 it would still be peanuts for them cos of their income potential. Your an expert in SEO but you need to brush up on your business and sales skills !!!! 🙂 great vid by the way and 633 people were lucky, the rest probably listened/watched to someone else who waffled on for 20 mins and taught them nothing

  3. Thanks Tony • SpyFu is one of the tools I use coz it shows CTR on AdWords campaigns based on the KW I snatch from Market Samurai and links audits I run via Majestic • KW + Geo is a good start so long as your page is optimized and links / anchors are ID'd and acquired using conventional SEO tactics • now that social content mktg + Authorship is in play • this too shall change

  4. Wow Neil Great stuff. But I need to know what key words will create clicks to my web site. I have yet to have an seo tell me how to do this other than what are your clients asking you or reverse engineer. In other words terms searched on for "personal injury lawyers" are guys like you and me . What are the potential clients actually clicking on . ie The long tail keywords. Adwords does show clicks but I think this is for adds.

    BTW I know Neil . He is top of the line

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