Authentic or Charlatan: Dan Lok | Exposing Internet Marketers

Disclaimer: Everything in this video is my opinion Stay until the end where I provide a score for Dan Lok and if he can be considered authentic or charlatan.


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  1. I always wonder, why would a millionare waste time making youtube videos for selling courses if they don't need that, dan lok says that he is retired, so is he doing this cause he's bored? Why the hell would you stop generating millions at such a young age.

  2. i think many of us as consumers (7 bil) don't comprehend that people are money hungry and greedy lol.. they will do anything to brainwash you in order to get them coins out of you. we gotta be wokeeee

  3. Any guy who acts like what you expect a billionaire to look like, isnt real thats a fantasy.

    Real money doesn't dress like richie rich lol

  4. He just did a video on the book called the secret. This book tells you to just leave faith in the universe and everything you want will be given to you by the universe. A complete contradiction to what he tries to teach. How much money was he given to plug that book?

  5. The most cunning conmen out of all are Christian pastors. Fake stories, fake healings with a promise that the money you give them will come back to you tenfold with zero risk. All you have to do is throw out all common sense and believe what they tell you without question. Of course, they don't pay a penny in taxes either.

  6. I wouldn't call them blind followers, more like people in bad situations doing some desperate things to try to earn money. Once you buy the first class, your on a slippery slope where you already invested where you think your better off continuing.

  7. I am actually fresh mechanical engineer with 3.5CGPA. I was very desperate about earning money and I came across him and decided to go through his so courses, but I first tool the advise of one of my tutor and he said, "Usman I knew you are good engineer, and don't let your work go waste, and find something from your field where you can earn". I acted his advise and learnt EES and started to helping students with their academic! So here I am, affording myself without getting into carp! This video puts more believe in my faith over my sincere elders!

  8. Never watch these weird 'Billionaire life' videos. Just go out and start a fastfood stall, or a noodle bar … or maybe a small grocery store at a good location. That's real life. That's business.

  9. I unsubbed from his channel some years ago after he tried to convince me that an obviously prerecorded video was a livestream with a chat. He even kept saying cringe worthy shit like "the chat might not be working for all of you right now due to some technical difficulties" and "put your thoughts in the chat". The way he lied to my face and underestimated my IQ made me instantly unsub and never want to watch a single other video from him.

  10. The typical absolute self centered frauf with a misplaced grandiose idea of self that will eventually be his downfall in life and as far as his image is concerned hes pretty much been completely exposed as a fraud running an MLM cult type pyramid scheme with a cult of personality at its base

  11. I think deception should of been 10 cause if you watch coffezila he made a interview of this guy just ruining his life he was a teacher that was married then broke and divorce and just got back his life basically

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