Dan Kennedy on Essential Truths of Internet Marketing

Go to www.gkic.com/internetsecrets to see how you can get the full 4 hours of Essential Truths of Internet Marketing from Dan Kennedy. If you’re tired of all the …


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  1. Real content, better than 99% of the marketers and sales gurus out there, truly Dan Kennedy, has changed people's lives more than he can ever know about, May You get well soon, prayers & blessings !

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  4. #Fruity Ronster This is some great information. I particularly enjoyed the section about site functionality and lead capture examples. It is something that is too easy to think of as innocuous! @Toni Qvist
    I absolutely take pleasure in observing the video clips, have for a time now. They are carried out great and they often are very interesting. This amazes me personally how you are able to get your subject matter across the way in which you do. I just would like that i had the identical expertise as you do this. I think it is the approach in which you carry out it that is critical. I have generally been astounded, therefore keep up the fantastic work and develop additional fantastic content in the form of movies. I will certainly be checking back often.

  5. Geez Louise Dan. Please sharpen your look up and get yourself to a tailor and get some fitted suits.
    One of the metrics to trust, confidence and selling your story is personal presentation. This grey off the peg thing you're wearing (and the one you wear on your website) look like something from a Red Cross Store.

  6. I love how Dan breaks down the fundamental principles of direct response marketing and applies them to the internet,  You don't need the latest, greatest wordpress plugin or magic traffic generator if you maximize the marketing triangle.

  7. so true. Additionally I want to mention that I use youtube to bring visitors to my site since i am a video marketer, and I find this video very helpful. I recommend that you go to my youtube channel to learn more about how i operate for the benefit of my web business (how to increase your traffic, income, youtube views, and much more…). take care

  8. Furthermore, Dan talks about successful online marketers being "one step away from spam" wtf does that even mean? He teaches people how to send junk mail (spam) for a living. Comcast, Google, Verizon, all the fatcats send junk mail (spam). He is no better than any of them. Not to mention how useless this video is. "Soft sell", "hard sell", "forced sell".. what are you gonna teach us next Dan? How to build a website? LOL. I respect Dan a lot but this video is both generic and useless.

  9. "If we could get the same results with online that we get with offline"? WTF. Statistics have shown that 80% of buyers go >>online. Dan is an expert copywriter but he doesn't seem to know shit about spam, pbn's, churn & burn, parasite seo… or just regular SEO. Of course when you spend your whole life paying for direct mail, you're gonna assume that's where the results come from but he is absolutely bias towards the web as a source of leads.

  10. SPAM is strong in this video. Dan kennedy is an excellent speaker and not a "make money with no experience" guy. By the way for all the noob people in online business, EASY is not an option, don't fall in that trick.

  11. Very good info. Also this has given me more information about starting my own business too about internet marketing. /watch?v=hjAAxGjHEL0

  12. This video has really begun to open my eyes about how I should do Internet Marketing. Thanks for the video post and for Dan Kennedy for sharing his wisdom.

  13. This is some great information. I particularly enjoyed the section about site functionality and lead capture examples. It is something that is too easy to think of as innocuous!

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