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  1. VideoScribe is a lie. The main reason is because once you buy you think that you are acquiring a quite unexpensive solution. You believe this is a great deal right?!
    If you think you will be able to do something similar to the examples they showcase in their website videos to you – you are wrong!
    What makes you able to create the great whiteboard videos they show are the cool icons, very apealling multi-color icons that they show. Without those drawings you will not be able to create anything beautiful as they promise. NOW, once you realize that and look for the icons included with the platform, there isn't anything… they do not provide the cool fonts, neither any icons package neither any background music. Everything you must buy separate from them or elsewhere. But let's focus on the ICONS: First thing I did was run to find how to get those great icons for whiteboard animation you see in their sales videos: The "Simple Package" what they say and I quote "DO NOT INCLUDE PREMIUM"have 3000 icons (what is not a huge volume if you want to build videos about several different topics.. in fact is quite a small volume) – so this NOT PREMIUM package cost USD$ 499,00!!!!
    I will repeat, USD$ 499,00 for a NOT PREMIUM Package of icons that MAY allow you to do something similar to what you see in the sales videos. REMEMBER, you still o not have bought the fonts and the music… that's additional. I was looking for a sports related vídeo and for my surprise: The Sports Package is PREMIUM! ahahh so..
    Think about that when you consider the price of the VideoScribe "CHEAP"solution….
    I don't even know if this is legal… but one thing you are sure once you buy VideoScribe: you had been CHEATED! And will need to add more than additional USD$ 500,00 to be able to build what you saw at their advertisements.

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