Dominate Local SEO Search Rankings: Local Internet Marketing Course 2017 (UPDATED!)

Get more leads to your local business by optimizing your local SEO strategy. I’ve spent over $1000 dollars and 100s of hours of practical testing to bring you this …


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  1. I tried to find your content writer. It looks as if he isn't on fiverr any longer. Any other recommendations?

  2. I'm a native English Speaker and do everything that content writer does – mention this youtube comment and I'll give you his price! Also offering SEO Services for $334 monthly if you don't have the time to manage this on your own (6 month and annual packages available) and I'll even send Ryan 15% – Let me know you found me here because his tips are on point and he deserves it – Why he's giving this away is beyond me but, he is on point!

  3. I've been in the SEO field since the Flintstones and watch many videos on Local SEO but never seen one as Good as yours, as comprehensive as yours, as detailed as yours (especially the info in the description) and with such a calm voice and well spoken words. You've covered a lot in this 51.15 minutes video. And guess what? I just subscribed and I am glad I did! Peace and thank you for sharing this great video.

  4. Great video, thank you for taking the time to share all of this VERY useful information. I own a local carpet cleaning business and while I know a lot about on site and off site SEO this video had a lot of information that I did not know. I highly suggest others to watch the full video,

  5. Great video! Extremely helpful and worth the 51 minute watch 🙂 Thanks for share it free and also yes u are right. I learn something new from this video, Enjoy it .not super deep but enough for understand

  6. Thank you for your tips. All the tips are informative. I get informative information from here. I have a request to you, please upload more videos with more information. Thank you.

  7. can you grow your backlinks and seo too fast organically? Is their a possibility you are doing to good a job if you are using straight white / light grey hat seo practices? So If I have a huge list of clients who all have written reviews about my business via linkedin and facebook and they all decided to post backlink to my site each at once… Would i be punished? Please explain the fear in growing backlinks too fast and is this fear valid even for high authority backlinks…

  8. This is one of the most informative video I viewed so far on SEO for beginners like me. I look forward to your upcoming tutorials on SEO. Thank you for imparting your knowledge about this one and keep creating video blogs like this. Well appreciated on this one.

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