Free Email Autoresponder Software Internet Marketing Part 1

Part 1 of this video shows you how to download a free email autoresponder software and mailing list manager. Install on your server and stop paying monthly fee …


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  4. Appreciate the gesture of showing us a FREE Autoresponder but what's with the very loud piano music?? A bit distracting in trying to listen to your directions. Anyway, thank you… Gave a thumbs up.

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  6. hey after confimation of the email it just says thank you there isnt the next mail coming with the software and ezine ………whats up…

  7. Hallo! Wäre schön, wenn sie den Autoresponder vorstellen und nicht ihre Musik. Sie stört und ich denke keiner hört sich diese länger als zwei Minuten an,

  8. Hey Tobias,

    Yes he has a full version that includes many more features. the Lite software is extremely easy to set up on your own hosting account, you just upload into your cgi-bin folder,and the settings page is an webpage created by the cgi.These are the setup help videos that I didn't even have to use. the readme file will do.

  9. This is the Lite version of his software, it free, free. You are promoting AWeber which costs minimum $19 a month to send email follow ups.
    Maybe some people don't want to get hooked into another monthly payment just to send email.

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