Free Internet Marketing Project (FIMP) Review

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  1. Hey! I'm Lisa and I am lucky enough to have found FIMP over a year ago. It was free from sections 1 – 8 at the time I joined, however in October last year we cut it off at section 4.5 where it becomes decision time – get a hosing account and put into practice what Ian is teaching you or continue on your existing site and support the program by using the other suggested methods of support. It really motivated me to take action and I do not regret it honestly …it has changed my life's purpose. I am so happy.

    It shifted from free to only free up to 4.5 because there were too many questions coming in. So many that Ian had to hire an assistant and take on more volunteer moderators! BUT I am excited to tell you that soon the program will become free again shortly in written format. This project means a lot to those who want to break free from empty promises, from monthly membership websites, and from a continuous cycle of not making it online. Ian is literally always there and loves when we succeed. Even the small things like our first DMCA take down claim situations or our first small dollar sale. Him and his wife are an incredible and beautiful team who motivate all of us to be our best. It helps to that we see them live their best lives. I think he has been on vacation four times to places around the world since I've joined and each time he takes time out to CONSTANTLY chat with us even when he says he's going to be away.

    I love the FIMP IMP funnel but I have been around the affiliate marketing block and have watched a lot of webinars, funnels, and seen a lot of ads so in turn I adore the humor and effort Ian put in. If you are aware of other sales pages, you know that he is making a satire or trying to make you laugh because of the experiences you may have had in the past. He's not being serious, he's just poking fun. He's a fun person! And like this review says – he's very approachable. He is de-light-ful. Delightful!

    My traffic is increasing monthly, my organic traffic especially. The SEO skills you learn here worked immediately for me (I am in a non-competative niche that I was able to find and assess with his help). I have gained loyal customers, sales, and my authority is increasing all over the world. I love FIMP so much, it has not wasted my time, lied to me, or scammed me. I stand behind this program and community 110% and would love to have you there 🙂 The program encourages you to find your own passion rather than to just make reviews about other make money online programs trying to lead people to yours instead. Because of FIMP i have a purpose and I am helping people all over the world with their needs. Free Internet Marketing Project is not just for people trying to make money online, it is also for people who are trying to make an online presence for their current physical businesses. I love that Ian is one of WA's top affiliates – he took everything useful from there, swirled it into his own experience and things he's learned from the beautiful educators in his life, and he created a safe community that steers no one wrong.

    I am dominating google, I continue to make great friends, and I have a purpose…Ian put everything together for me and he continues to mentor me well beyond the small amount of monetary support I gave through bluehosting. I know in one years time a ton of information on SEO, facebook ads, youtube videos, and how to create a beautiful website – I learned exactly what people going to university take 4 years to learn and spend thousands on combined from different programs. I think VERY highly of Ian and FIMP. If you are from Wealthy Affiliate already – please don't come into our group and be rude or try to recruit from there – we respect you and your business and believe you could benefit from our training along side yours! So please respect us.

    As for the "glitches" you mention: trademarks/logos in the top of the pages usually bring people back to the home page! I know my website is set up to do this! That funnel you see there is for Internet Marketing Project – and I love the humor of it – again it's poking fun at a few gurus who flash their shiny cars and books in garages lol. Wealthy affiliate may be an all in one platform but have you ever heard of multiple tabs? Lol just joking. Honestly. FIMP is what I wish I found first and has been so powerful for me. I hope you will join us there. Sorry for the novel. Speaking of novel – check out Ian's book on Amazon!! Lisa <3

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