How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2021

2020 was a crazy year, especially because of COVID. But a lot of things have changed, from algorithms to people going after companies like Facebook from …


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  1. 3:47 I don't agree. Explain how I got 10 likes on a video at 6.7 seconds of watch time vs a 1 minute remix with 0 watch time? This algorithm is so sketched.

  2. Would you say backlinks still matter event though they aren't as relevant as they used to be? Also I think brands have less power (just my though)

  3. Thanks Neil! Focusing on page speed and optimizing our website/ client websites is one of our priorities, glad to see it's impactful for SEO and conversions! We have also changed our blog set up to be more user-friendly and to support our short, sweet, and simple content. How about video content being the move of the year? We've been adding that to our marketing strategy and can't wait to see the results.

  4. Thanks for great content Neil. Any advice on growing remote work / remote life company (similar to Selina) through growth marketing strategy? (And extra question, what is for you the best growth marketing course out there?)

  5. Hi Neil, thanks for the information. I am hearing about Blockchain Technology alot these days and many of them are adapting in their professional sectors. How will blockchain will effect digital marketing?

  6. Hi Neil! About trend number 5 that says to update old content, I need more clarity please.

    Do you mean to go back to old blog posts, press 'edit', update the blog post and then press "save changes"?

    Or, do you mean to make a new Blog post, copy and paste the old blog into the new one and add more new info to it and publish that – but delete the old outdated blog post?

    Please clarify, thanks!

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  8. “There is no holy grail” is such a powerful statement. The landscape is so saturated that businesses have to test out multiple tactics and see which works best through analytics.

  9. Content is too scattered for totally new Beginners like us,don't even really know which video to watch first! Please Mr Patel could you do a Full tutorial on digital Marketing for beginners? Yes I would Pay for it.Thank You in Advance Sir

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