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  1. I am watching this 7 years past and i can totally relate and connect with it……you know what they say…..TRUST THE PROCESS. You the best Mahn and i appreciate that you understand Human to Human Connection is the best connection ever #Family.

  2. "Your great video functions helping the particular realtime with the IM World that may hold someone engaged for to the end even though a newbie are not able to learn at online and may even develop 1000s of IM'ers."

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Because we are now in a computer age, internet marketing is now more effective than those traditional marketing which can really capture some leads.

  4. increible me acabo de suscribir a tu canal, me gustaria mucho pedirte un fabor muy personal. me podrias decir como y en dodnde localizar a (SUNNY D) ya que varios de nosotros nos urge contactarlo y saber de el, me gustaria si me pudieras ayudar con esto ya que es de suma importancia para mi?

  5. Hi Danieal,
    It didn't make me clear this point. Once a client clicked on my link in his search, then my web page appear and it called landing page or Lead capture page, Right? And I don't understand how Sales Page and Autoresponder work, yet.
    By the way, it's great video. Thanks

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  7. yea, i start to do on line marketing now,..bloody annoying, so uneasy, i start feeling like a wierdo entering new world, could you help me danniel ?

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