How Gurus Are Killing Your Dreams | Teaching Internet Marketing Is Honestly Sh*t

Cancerous Shopify stores? Millionaire Masterminds? 6 figures in passive income in under 30 days? SOUNDS LIKE GURU GARBAGE! In this video, I explain …


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  1. I was a sucker for many years. Probably about 4-5 years. I eventually did end up creating a business and got one customer paying me $50 a month, but I realized that running a business is fucking stressful and hard, especially if it’s something I don’t actually care about. So I quit the business and moved on. Now I am a lot happier.

  2. nice video Austin! I will admit I've been sorta on a personal development journey the past couple of years and I have also been cautious about who to follow in that area. My idea is to only follow people are have done the work/what they preach and ideally follow people who keep it real. Also, I try to only take advice from people who have years of experience. I've seen a lot of gurus advertising on Instagram ads who are really young but supposedly have a whole course/mentorship on how you can get to where they are. I think it's healthy to always be a little skeptical and look into these people before taking their advice and watch out for some dark psychology/manipulative strategies.

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