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  1. this is a sad truth,and so many people are dissapointed with boring novels,woke t.v. dramas,or un-original movie re-boots and re-makes.i never thought it would get so dire, or be this bad creatively.remember when people used to say snl sucked in the 90's,or the star wars prequels sucked,or pop music sucked in the 80' wrong we all seems like there's no way out.thanks for explaining it so well.i hadn't figured it all out,although its been painful,the last few years.having han solo be murdered by his son was the bottom i hope.great video David.

  2. you should kind of lead bye example david cowtowing to what you think the normies will be attracted to for the sake of more exposure is still damaging to creativity

  3. I’ve worked in advertising for over 20 years and when I switched to digital it was a hard transition. Everything is a keyword. Before it was a “feeling” a knowledge that “this” works. Now you look at the data and it shocks you that your entire assumptions about the market are wrong. Lol It’s hard but I wouldn’t say creativity is dead, I’m not an expert at all in selling books, but in the realm of consumer products like tshirts and soda you still have massive competition and if you stand out a little with your creative you win. However the MEDIUM has changed so much that to be truly creative is very hard. A google ad headline is 20 characters and MUST use the keywords (how you write that is a NEW type of creativity) web banners and YouTube pre rolls can be be blocked and only have 5 seconds to grab you (like the one in your vid that I skipped lol) so you do need to be creative but in more defined and confined space. Interesting comment about book covers. Sigh they are all “safe” and safe is being celebrated.

  4. Thank you laying this out, I have been worried about this for some time now.
    It pains me especially with some older franchises, such as Warhammer for example, that have become more popular, spread out into other media beside tabletop games, and now suffer from exactly this kind of internet marketing driven content creation.
    What do you think needs to happen to evolve into a next step? Will current internet marketing model be sooner or later suplanted by a different model?

  5. Absolutely right on David.. I have a a selfmade archive of sci-fi book covers and in the last ten years, they more or less look exactly the same. Generic as anything. The pictorial generally speaking have nothing to do with the story. A ship, a planet, space and maybe a space suit. white, black, and then either red or green. Could slap it on any sci-fi cover and title. Old sci-fi covers rocks and represent the story told. Pure art imo

  6. I think I'll let the cover business be handled by my publisher. :^)

    … Once I get round to looking for one, that is.

  7. Books, music, movies, t.v., video games, entertainment in general.
    It's all the same boring "Been there, done that".
    The sheep like their grass in their nice safe field.

  8. Declaring the death of creativity while the entry barrier for content production is as low as ever is a bold statement and I don't think it's true. It's an argument based upon a general assumption that can't possibly stand the test of truth. There always was mainstream comformity in terms of marketing and content and there probably always will. But there will also always be creative people who put out great and unique products, no matter if they get exposure or not. It should be our job to find these people and to get them the attention they deserve.

  9. Interesting, it reminds me of how things like Netflix recommendations work & one of the reasons I specifically never like or dislike shows. I certainly have my preferences but just because I watched & liked something it doesn't necessarily mean I want more of it.
    Just like YouTube algorithms you watch a few videos & suddenly that's nearly all that shows up in your feed. Then you skip over a few videos that you're generally interested in & suddenly those videos are gone.
    At the risk of sounding full of myself I suppose these things work for most people but don't seem to work well for me.

  10. I enjoy reading YA fantasy novels from Japan, Korea and China but I find that the publishers there have outsourced their selection to what is successful on the free publishing websites.
    So basically any light novel you pick up to read also has a web novel version that is a little less polished but farther along in the story and a publisher already knows there is an audience for that story.
    But what is successful on the websites are the stories that conform to the expected tropes and just have one unique aspect of the setting or premise
    I am not saying this is bad exactly but there is kind of a balance as a reader, do you want to spend time reading through the beginning of a hundred terrible stories full of every standard generic fantasy trope just to find one decent story that is also full of every standard trope or do you wait and read ones that have garnered the interest of publishers but you miss out on the potential of some story that is different that maybe is outside the mold and never got attention because it didn't fit the standard.
    Traditionally i would think the publisher would do this sifting and find the stories with potential that do not fit but i think that does not exist any more

  11. This is a great point and you can defiantly see it in almost every creative field; books, music, movies, etc…

  12. I just finally got into a stable-ish situation where I considered that maybe I should get that book done I kept thinking about, but this… this just blackpilled me out of I think.

  13. The most scary place is Instagram, YouTube shows me adds that are more or less what I want but it fails more than half the times. Twitter adds are simply randomly generated it seem.
    Instagram tho, it's extremely specific amd scary sometimes, sometimes showing things I didn't even knew existed but were just what I wanted

  14. This is one of those classic I don't understand arguments. Because my head simply doesn't work that way. When I'm looking for something new, I want to be wowed by something great. When I go to check out new games/books/movies I'm looking for anything different. Also looking for something that has a great cover. I'm fairly elastic on the actual theme or topic of the media. I just want quality. Actually I can also compromise on quality if it's delivering something new. I mostly get garbage mobile game ads on YouTube but I don't play those sorts of games. I recently saw an ad for a movie called 'last boss' which looks good but it's still in theaters. I don't watch movies in theaters. The things I spend money on I rarely get ads on and I do have google tracking enables.

    My lived experience is so different to what you're talking about (maybe not being American makes a huge difference too actually) that I can comprehend the argument but have never experienced the result. It also helps perhaps I've never seriously used Facebook even though I predominantly use computers because I consider internet socializing to be unrewarding and seek in-person connections. I kind of hate the generalized talking points because so frequently when people go 'most people X' or 'people that do Y get Z' apparently me and everyone I know is so far out of the loop of the apparent norm that I have no personal reference point to the topic.

    Which I suppose ends on the point: If you consider this a problem maybe the problem is not society or advertising, it's you. You get the experience you cater your time around. Spend time on facebook get targeted garbage ads. Consume mainstream content get banal and mediocre advertising. Spend time on different things you're passionate about and find out that no advertising exists of your true interests. With fantasy literature dabble in novels in other languages, content from decades ago and unpublished novels on start-up websites. The things being published for the last decade mostly sucks in quality anyway. I've found no real link between being published and quality of the work in recent years. You'll find if you log out of that boring advertiser/content loop (something my argument for is weak I never logged into that) you may end up making targeted advertisement fail terribly at delivering anything even within the scope of your interests.

  15. Maybe the key is to create something 95% generic, with one quirk. That way it's obviously what people are looking for, but the quirk also catches their attention without confusing them.

  16. This is exactly why Youtube and many other sources leave you feeling bored and depressed. There's no spontaneity, no happy accidents, no wackiness out of left field. The algorithms keep shoveling the same crap at you. It's a technologically enhanced ultra-rut that leaves no room for growth or creativity.

  17. People are made to like different things. It is not that they develop tastes as individuals then there is very specific marketing toward them, but what they are supposed to like is dictated to them by an elite.

  18. I’ve definitely seen this in reaction to some of my own book covers. For example, my first book was a western, although it also had elements of literary fiction. I tried to make the cover reflect the internal psychological states of the characters, giving the sky in the image a reddish tint. I thought the cover was pretty good, but many people mistook it for being a dystopian fiction book. If I had used a more conventional looking cover, people also would’ve been misled. Even though the book was set in the Old West, it didn’t adhere to many of the genre conventions. No matter what I did, someone would’ve been disappointed.

  19. Hey, Folk. Just want to give you a heads up that I bought your book about a year ago, read through it in October, began applying it and am finally reaching full-throttle creativity 6 months later. It has not been easy. As a matter of fact, it's was pretty damn painful exorcizing all that laziness and compromise. But I'm a much better person for it. Thank you for the book and thank you for your continued honest and insightful takes. They mean a lot to me.

  20. I noticed that creatively went absolutely to hell around 2015, when Force Awakens came out. 2014 was the last truly great year of new fictional media; we got masterpieces like “Over The Garden Wall” for example. Now, we’re just stuck with garbage.

  21. At this point because of targeted ads, I never get relevant ads because I only get them for things I already have. I read and watch a lot of the same stuff, maybe a little more news than I should, so.. like what, am I going to buy games and books I already have just because I'm trawling the Wiki's all the time? I guess it works for them, just not for me.

  22. Would there be a suddent change in the market? People can't read the same forever, also how is this different from pulp fiction, that was also cheap schlock

  23. I have most definitely noticed this with regard to books. Especially fantasy. It's really sad to me and honestly is such a turnoff to see basically the exact same cover on every single book. I'm unlikely to even pick up a book that has photoshopped generic characters and background on the cover.

  24. Robert McKee argued that traditional advertising is lousey and outdated in Storynomics.
    He believes that story driven marketing is the way to go and cut through all the noise.
    I agree with him. Marketing that is actually story driven is the best kind and requires creativity.

  25. Reminds me a bit of Sunn Classic Pictures. Their films were aimed at a conservative middle-American market, but they subdivided that market, then used phone surveys & computers to calculate exactly what sort of movie to make that year. This was the 70’s.

  26. I have been trying to learn Spanish lately and I got a really demotivating Spanish ad before this where the people were speaking so fluently I couldn't separate one word from the other 🙁

  27. Many people, either out of ignorance or actual gaslighting, love to dismiss things like this as pining for a bygone era. And yet, when I and many others look back, (As you presented well in this video) quite a few things in the past WERE objectively better than the current standards.

  28. Targeted ads are only possible because we let our privacy be stripped away from us for the sake of convenience and with the thought this would only be used in a benevolent way.

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