How to CREATE A RED HOT Market in your niche…

In marketing, you hear the phrase “red ocean” and “blue ocean” thrown around a lot. But what does it mean, and what does this concept have to do with you as …


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  1. Hey Russel! As always amazing Content, thanks for keeping putting out value! A quick question: Into which niche would you pack Luxury Watches – relationships? (as compared to the Gillette example)

    Thanks and all the best, LOVE your content!

  2. If you want to your $1 to actually grow,
    invest it and invest wisely. No matter how little it is you gain, make sure you make room for investing , that will help you a lot. Passive income moves I made years ago is my savior today.

  3. What market is fast food in? Like McDonald's? Its definitely not healthy, it has nothing to do with relationships and it won't increase your wealth….

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