How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing (Step-by-Step)

The next thing you need to do is spend some time learning about the area of internet marketing you want to pursue. The best place to start is by reading or …


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  1. Another long-term path is to just use your digital marketing skills to build your own business(es) as an entrepreneur. That could mean selling your own courses, building a bunch of affiliate sites, or something else. Often, these will result in more freedom in your lifestyle than having an agency, being a consultant, or working a marketing job. And the income can potentially be higher, too (unlimited), if you're good.

  2. This isn’t really a “How To” video & it certainly isn’t a step by step break down. It’s more suggestion based.

  3. I love how I can already consult my audience as an expert even though I’m still relatively new. I just can’t wait to be able to do it more. 💪 Enjoyed hearing your tips, thanks!

  4. Great man you got really wonderful voice to hear..I must have watched several videos from reputed people but something that I go with ..thanks Sam for being so clear to explain things ….

  5. Was fresh graduated and went into an in-house company, I always stay in in-house now. Even thought I really want to work in agency , they are not interested at me sadly. I did everything except working in agency.

  6. I would love to build a website. But if I make a personal website for an entry-level digital marketing job, what should I include on it, as my experience is nonexistent.

  7. Sam, why have Ahrefs got rid of 'all keywords' on keyword explorer!! Makes most of your keyword research videos useless, and Ahrefs pretty unhelpful too! Just started my 7 day trial but don't think I'll continue with it now

  8. Doing all that learning and the projects on your own is the beauty of this industry. As you can do all that on your own without spending thousands on tuition.

  9. What is the future of digital marketing?
    As many of the tech giants are getting strict on privacy policy and without data how we will do digital marketing?

  10. Sir please build an application just like @ahrefs with free of cost. There are free tools,but not like @ahrefs are make ahrefs some low cost. We are indians can't spent that much.

  11. Upwork is highly competitive for freelancers. Most of the clients have very small budgets and actually hire freelancers from outside the United States for low wages. Think India, Pakistan etc.

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