I Almost QUIT Internet Marketing After This..

There’s only 8 hours left to study this private Team Capital-only training I did with my friend and Super-Affiliate John Crestani… http://bit.ly/JCAndCrestaniReplay …


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    Don't like the video? Fvck it. Making 7-Figures isn't for everyone- enjoy watching cat videos and pissing away your life.

  2. It's worth repeating over and over how you got started 10 years ago. Why? It motivates those of us just getting started that what we face is from experience and not some BS rich kid. I'm at the other end of the age spectrum but have not given up in life and have dreams yet to be realized. No matter what we do, it's gonna take work and a mentor to help us not lose site of what we need to do. It does get messy…and get blinded by distractions. I had duel careers…corporate and musicianship. My passion was to be the best bass player in the world and used corporate to pay the bills. Now, after retirement, I still have nothing to show for a legacy including wealth, being great at something, recognition and respect …especially for myself. I can yet be great!…but God willing my health will hold up…and stand tall like Howard Roarke in the Fountain Head….a book I read 50 years ago. I could go on…but just want to say Thanks for being there and all you bring to the table in this ever changing world.

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