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  1. i was seing it at 500$ yesterday was like wtf is this, luckily today woke up and the whole market is on its period, all red so i bough in for 250$ let's go

  2. This is wierd, suddenly popping up from nowhere?? I can tell you that secret people working away dont want you too wait for XRP, they will play this game until everyone is sick and tired and opts out, just hold on coz this bumpy ride is gonna get exciting!!! Xrp will explode!

  3. This project appears to have strong technical promise, this could be transformative. Connecting all internet businesses to crypto directly on their websites would be transforming without using a 3rd party pay provider like PayPal. Just some initial thoughts as this is so new on understanding. Curious what others think!

  4. ICP : a new take over the world dream like the wet XRP take overt he world dream. xrp have become a religion .. Have jumped the RipPle ship and sailed away with Cardano

  5. This is nuts, "internet computer price" is a fake sounding name. It magically appearred at breakneck prices like 2 days ago. And there has been no news about it for this entire bull run.

  6. Binance is far from credible. Just because they list something it has nothing to do with credibility in the projects. Shiba for christs sake? Not to mention the game they are playing with Coin Market Cap.

    Binance needs to grow a spine given the customer base they have.

  7. Earning $ 26,450 every 10days from my investment when I started BTC TRADE with Graham Stephan Cassidy. Her trading strategies are mind blowing

  8. The more I watch your videos the smarter I get and your subtle tips like diff accounts for diff positions.. new to crypto and never thought of this. πŸ’ŽπŸ’—

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