"Internet Marketers" vs "Internet Scammers"

Josh, Nilay, and Ross speak with Danny Sullivan of Marketing Land about the differences between “Internet Marketers” and “Internet Scammers”. More from The …


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  1. Jason Fulton and his associates are big time SCAMMERS. Anyone promoting his products/services are just perpetuating the scam. Always due your due diligence before falling for any type of business opportunity – online or otherwise.

  2. the caller is perfectly right, you do marketing just like any other company, whether you acknowledge it or not. marketing is just the link between the product and the consumer.

  3. Marketing: Getting exposure to your product.
    Product: Something that provides value to a customer
    Customer: Someone looking to accomplish something, but is limited in a way that someone else has the solution for.
    The goal of internet marketing, is to get products to customers.
    The PROBLEM with internet marketing, is all of the fluff products out there. Pat Flynn IS an internet marketer, whether he calls himself that or not.He's generally very well respected. I think its all a matter of personal opinion, I can see where people get ripped off buying scammy products, but that's their own fault for falling for scams. I don't think that justifies putting ALL internet marketers in one bag, and labeling them, thats just not fair. The Verge by this definition, is also a scam. Its selling something, that is not telling the whole truth.
    You cannot lie about what problem your product solves, but there is nothing wrong with selling products to people who intend to buy the solution to whatever problem it is they have.

  4. Marketing is marketing. WHY people want to call it "internet marketing" is beyond me. I've been in Direct Response marketing for 15 years. Marketing can be summed up pretty quickly.

    Here is the definition: Marketing is getting people to come to you predisposed and already motivated to do business with you or check out your site/blog/article.

  5. Frank kern is legit! He just happened to be one of internet marketers who has built a list of aspiring internet marketers. Based on his no how! With that said he also makes a great deal as an actual affiliate marketer.No just selling his own products…Frank kern, peter parks, jamie lewis are all real marketers with systems that work for all!

  6. You guys have one big problem.. Not enough complaints from consumers that purchased Frank Kern's stuff. I have yet to see one. I suppose the idea was that he is the target as there is this idea that he "creates scammers" but from what I have seen, if that is the argument why does he always talk about the need to be ethical with everything you do. In fact, more supporters than actual complaints as we saw in the comments. Man this must have been embarrassing for Flatley.

  7. Just as one commenter said earlier, It's not the legit internet marketers job to police the industry. That's a job for the FTC! If people are so bothered by these scammers then they need to get online or on the phone and file a complaint with the FTC. Make those bureaucratic fat cats do they're job so that they're over bloated agency can continue to get funding in the form of tax dollars from us.

  8. Why are they pretending not to know what Internet marketing is, when they are owned by VOX Media who is currently looking for a Internet Marketing intern to work for them LOL

  9. The word scam means to defraud a person or group (wiki) to say that frank kern and many of the other internet marketers mentioned in the scamworld video are scammers is like saying that the internet is only used by criminals, its an outrageous statement to make. The real reason these people are annoyed with this kind of internet marketer is because they haven't evolved with the times, the internet is always changing. I think the verge just needs to wake up to the real world. Thumbs down to you.

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  11. You don't know what you don't……..This means there are things you need to know in order to be successful at "Internet Marketing." Making a Youtube Video, or posting a tweet does not make you an online marketer. Over 90% of people fail to make it online because they don't know how to truly market online. Even if you have a brick and mortar business, you still need to know how to maximize leads, and sales with certain tactics, and only Internet Marketers know this.

  12. The fact is that there are things people dont know how to do when it comes to marketing online. It doesn't matter what you sell. A true Internet Marketer knows how to….A.) Get massive amounts of "targeted" traffic to their site. That in itself is hard to do……B.) knowing certain tricks that only help you along the way…SEO tips….Facebook Tips……Even knowing what tools to use to help you…..Buainesses don't know this, which is why they need real internet Marketers to do it for them.

  13. Frank Kern is a legit Online Marketer. He got into the dog business first. His product "Mass Control" helped people make money in other niches online. You will not see a single bad review on Mass Control. The world of Internet Marketing is so big. You're not exposing anything here.

  14. Let me ask one of the most legitimate questions the verge wil ever see. If you are REALLY trying to do an unbias show, then CALL UP a REAL internet marketer LIKE **FRANK KERN** and have him come on the show.

    You will NOT do that, because Frank would own your ignorant, stupid asses. All I see is a bunch of uneducated people trying to talk about an industry they obviously don't know shit about. Thats why I HATE the verge. This is so bias even when they try not to be, it still is.

  15. HERE VERGE. This is WHY you call them "internet marketers". Because marketers, unlike doctors, usually have multiple skillsets and mutiple abilities to market in many different mediums. I am a copywriter, a search enginer optimizer, a ppc consultant, so I call myself a "marketer" because I have MORE than 1 skill. Its that fucking simple. Doctors can't do that because they can't do 2 things at once, marketers can, so drop the fucking semantics… you're boring the shit out of me.

  16. "Internet Marketing" is as general a term as "doctor" is. USE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN THE VERGE. There are copywriters, seo, ppc, direct mail, tv, radio, social media, etc etc.

    Do spammers suck? Sure. Will you ever get rid of them? NO fucking way. Your chances of getting rid of spammers, are the same as getting rid of corrupt stock brokers and politicians. Its not happening. Otherwise you just give marketers a bad name, which is bullshit.

  17. You're a fucking idiot. Please never comment on youtube again. I made money my first 3 months in internet marketing and I didn't scam a single fucking person. I learned how to write copy, and began lead brokering for small businesses. I make damn good money now thanks to this industry. There are FAR MORE honest marketers than nonhonest, I know this for a fucking fact. Just go on Warrior Forum. Ethics are a major concern on most marketers minds… MOST I said. Nothing is absolute.

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