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  1. Don’t ask me to Thumbs up and hit the bell and all that stuff in the first five seconds of your video do it at the end make it predictable so I can skip it and go right to thumbs up maybe subscribe

  2. Another tip would be to make sure your visual branding is up to scratch. It has to look professional and reflect your music and message successfully. This is the first thing people will see when they go on your channel/profile and you want to be able to grab them in and make them want to listen to your music or hear about your product 😊

  3. I hate reaction videos and brag videos. Those are quick unfollows for me. For some reason everyone is making idiotic videos of themselves making faces at the way someone else is performing. Why? And one guy did a video about his most expensive guitars. You have to list the gear you're using so people understand the tones you're getting, but to brag about your gear being stupidly expensive is only going to bring on hate. I haven't watched any of his videos since then.

  4. Social Media Pet Peeve: Lead Singer/Guitarist in a metal 3-piece here…. My pet peeve is that there is an unspoken requirement for a band to maintain a social media presence at all. I've deleted both personal FB and IG accounts within the last 2 years, and have gained back a lot of time that I've used for actually playing guitar, not to mention being generally less stressed out and distracted. Can you expand on some of the non-social media approaches to band promotion? Or am I destined to be an unwilling Social Media band promoter?

  5. This is a great video man really needed to hear something like this today. I’ve been trying to get my head around all the new algorithms while releasing new content recently and I’ve fallen into a negative and impatient mind set with it. You put things in perspective for me with what you said here dude. Subscribed!

  6. I really appreciate the difference between the yes/no question and the “hit me up” suggestion. I’d never thought of that. Good advice for life really!

  7. my social media pet peeve is those chain messages where you forward this to ten people and tomorrow you'll meet your true love or whatever bullshit

  8. I hate when people spam my post with there music.. when I didn't ask for it . but I end up hearing it anyways and giving a review! I continuously network about 8-10 hours a day mainly on Facebook groups because for me as a Soundcloud artist i found a lot of active groups with a large amount of people in them! I enjoy watching you videos my dude! as another creator of content definitely enjoyed the input!

  9. My biggest Social media pet peeve is when bands start pushing their political opinions on their audience. People come for good music, not your political stance. All it does is make me feel less connected to the band and their music

  10. Social media pet peeve = outright glad handing. This kid gloves, Everything Is Awesome!, "dont be a hater", Bambi, don't say anything if you dont have anything nice to say mentality. If everything is cool, then, is anything cool? I'm all for friendly, reciprocal networking but some are taking it waaaaaay too far.

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