Internet Marketing Mentors: Why No One Wants To Mentor You

While there might be small exceptions to this rule, by in large, you are unlikely to find someone who wants to mentor you online until you have a functional …


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  1. point blank affiliate marketing is a money making biz. these guys are not doing anything for free. the all say the same thing every big youtuber. a guy tried to charge 5,000.00 to mentor me

  2. To me, everything you said on this video is refreshing because it's so very true. You didn't hold anything back. It is human nature. The fact that you are offering yourself and time to make these videos should be more than enough for anyone who is interested in this type of life to make it on their own anyway. If not, it's not worth your or my time. You are a refreshing, inspiring soul in this business Dan. Keep it up. You are blessed and rewarded.

  3. A real mentor, BTW, is one that you check in with about 30 mins a week, ask a question or 2, they can tell you where you need to improve and send you on your way, then it's up to you to take the advice and see how you can apply it.

  4. Hey I have a question for you before I purchase your course. I watched your free series and I get the concept, but you said that you can get all that traffic for free. To me that means you must be ranking for google, but how does that actually work? Is it really that easy to rank at the top for content about certain amazon products? What am I missing?

  5. Just a newbie question, how will I get start to get paid when I get my first sales? Like how am I going to collect that money and how do I set it up where I want it to be sent?

  6. Dan, how many affiliate websites do you have that make you all your monthly income and is affiliate marketing your only income, if not, is it the majority of your income???

  7. Hey Dan I just wanted to let you know that today I got my first sale, along with 10 others! I purchased both your paid course and the traffic blaster, along with the long tail pro trial and am really excited to keep building. Thanks for the content you put out and also I would like to give you some friendly critique: the deadbeat course is way too much trying to get me to buy more stuff, I feel like I am being raped by your offer upon offer. Anyways have a good day !

  8. Hello,
    Im from Europe, more specifically from Romania.Do you think that if i buy your deadbeat super afliliate guidebook it will work exacly how it supose to do ?

  9. thanks Dan for all your updates in mail, but one small question how POSITIVE are u in your deadbeats system? am thinking of buying it when i get paid this week but could u guarantee that i could make at least 100$ every two weeks if i purchase an study your system?

  10. I have read Amazon rejects allot of applications for the affiliation program. Do you need to have your website completed and getting traffic for Amazon to approve you? Do you go through those topics in your videos. I'm looking in to purchasing your program. BTW! I really enjoy watching your posts and learning tones from you. Thanks!

  11. Hi dan, Can i have multiple you tube accounts on my gmail account or do i have to create a new email for each new you tube channel that i create.

  12. Hey Dan, do you think we could some how put together small list with some websites that the people who bought the system and got it to work in their favor use? I think it could be quite useful for the rest of us, maybe get some tips on how to review and get people to buy, not just get the clicks. I realise that some people won't necesarily allow it because might be afraid of somenone copying their work, but it's wort a try.

  13. Dan, loving the videos. Seeing as no one want's to mentor me, I thought I'd ask you a quick question. I am looking at outsourcing the content creation for one of my niche sites. How many words would you say are needed at minimum for a basic site? Or in other words, what is the average word count on your basic affiliate sites? Thanks 🙂

  14. does your course come in a digital version? i don't want dvds I'm asking because at the check out it asks for my adress, let me know i want to start my lazy journey

  15. Hey there Dan! I have some personal question for you… Is it a good idea to be promoting products from electronics such as: desktops, headphones, laptops etc… And not to forget it would be my first product promotion or i should say affiliation …

  16. Is it okey if i start social media from scratch? Will it be better than having none?I dont know what to post on like FB etc…maybe i will post total crap that people are not interested in….😪

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