Internet Marketing Scams and Network Marketing Scams

Internet Marketing Scams and Network Marketing Scams Almost everyone talks about Internet & Network marketing. However, the question is how many of them …


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  1. I've always been sceptical of those people. When they give you rags to riches stories which is commonplace for these individuals that is a red flag.

  2. the logic is simple: if they knew how to make huge amount of money they wouldnt be interessted to sell this advice to other people. it makes no sense. You dont see people doing this who run real businesses. otherwise jeff bezos und bill gates would also sell courses to show people how they made billions. they use ways to fool you.

  3. Would you call Robert Kyosaki a scam? He doesn't do all of that, except the passive income part, wich, I believe, is crucial to financial freedom.

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