Internet Marketing SEO Strategy – Link Wheel SEO Tutorial (TIMELESS Strategy)

Hi, my name is BJ and I created this channel to help others start their own online business. In this channel, I will share with you internet marketing tips, personal …


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  1. One way links is very helpful for ranking. and web 2.0 site is very best practice for get one way link. I am a search engine optimizer and I always appreciate to use link wheel using web 2.0 site for get one way link. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

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  4. About the velocity:yes,i do agree,but throwing link wheel after link wheel will get you penalized at some point.It's not 2009 or earlier.My advice would be to build a max of 1 link wheel per month and not interlink the web 2.0s if you plan to build more links.Actually this is true not only for web 2.0 link wheel,but for any type of link wheel – built from profiles,article dirs,etc,etc.
    If you are looking for quality link pyramids/wheels,you can try out fiverr . com/futureofseo

  5. It's all about link velocity. Don't just create one linkwheel and leave it there, you need to be constantly creating new links each week. Especially if you're in a highly competitive industry.

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  7. All well in good, but! Would this create a web of mundane content… as to say watered down content with low creative or unique quality? In that respect, who ethical is such a spin Dr,?

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  9. Ha ha @4:00 "web 2 porno sites…" Sorry I'm so immature. I know you said web 2.0. Thanks for the video man! You are great! Does this still work well?

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  12. Link wheels do not work anymore. I've been through it all. You want to earn a living online, YOU NEED A MENTOR to tell you exactly what to do step by step. Go to Proper Income dot com. I will be your personal mentor and I will not let you fail. Make money your first day.

    John David

  13. Wow. This will definitely get you algorithmically penalized ("Penguin"). Trying to game a search engine provider is NOT a customer-centered marketing strategy. It's an all about me, my rankings, my wanting to get-rich-quick strategy, and it will be a big FAIL. Google is very clear about how they feel about linking schemes and the consequence of doing this, and the consequences are NOT pretty — see their search quality guidelines.

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