Internet Marketing Success Will Cost You

Or how about this one. “I was 60000 in debt till I discover this system.” or “I was 30000 in debt, spending money right and left on my business till I discovered this …


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  1. That's what I'm doing now…just watching a bunch of videos, attending free webinars and getting familiar with everything. Downloading free e-books…plan to start small, step by step ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love what your saying but putting everything into one method doesn't seem smart cause if something goes wrong bam no income….you gotta diversify never put all your eggs in one basket.

  3. Great Video Michelle, but be careful because even though this is sound advice you can also stifle some people and keep them from taking action.

    Even though you didn't go broke trying to invest in your business, you did step out of your comfort zone and took risk to build your business.

    Great video, but I'm just saying that if you're watching this and you say "ok I won't advertise", "I won't market", "I won't buy that course until I'm ready", get in to action, that's what Michelle is saying.

    Don't say "I can't afford it" say "How can I afford it?"

  4. Exactly why is there such an abundance of spammy garbage on these videos. I longed to make cash via the internet and itโ€™s tough to trust men and women around the internet. It was only when I viewed proof of real revenues that I actually followed someone elseโ€™s guidelines. There exists verification within the Zutore Cash System site (Google it) and I started off earning cash online because of that.

  5. Michelle, thank you for being so transparent. I bought your course last year. But, I just found a program to market that fits me. I'm going to link this video on Facebook. You are living proof about Facebook marketing. Thank you.

  6. Presentation was the bottom line! Thanks for sharing. I feel that the internet marketing products are like a carnival, everyone is suckering you in to buy, and when you lose, to bad and too sad. You put it straight out there, thanks again. MSLP newbie.

  7. Thanks Michelle! You're confirming what I have been feeling all along. I'm tired of all the Hype that's out there. I'm learning now that it's ok to inch along until you breakthrough. I have spent too much money on hype and not enough time on one strategy. I needed this video.

  8. Great video Michelle! And a message that I think a lot of people really need to hear. I know I was one of those guys who was buying every bright shiny object that came along before I came across you and Bill and starting getting real value. Thank you for sharing.


    Well, Well, Well Michelle!

    – You did it again, I truly love finding and watching your information broadcast!

    – You see I was one of those that thought the more I bought the more successful I'd be – I Was So Wrong Starting My Business That Way in 2009

    – Then one day I came across you and Bill (not to long ago) And just by practicing what I learn from you, I can see the Big Picture Now!

    I Hope You and Bill Understand The Value You Bring To Others!!!

  10. Invest in yourself. Invest in your personal education. Invest in your business. But also invest in wisdom, prudence, and common sense! Great message Michelle!

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