Internet Marketing Tips: 7 Lazy Ways To Market Your Website In 2017

Internet Marketing Tips – In this video, I reveal 7 ways to improve your website traffic and successfully market your website in 2017. There is a bit of a knack to …


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  1. This may be a little off topic but do you have a video about what you should put on your Facebook and how often you should put posts up?

  2. Are you suggesting employing these tips for each niche? I mean a separate YouTube channel, blog, FB page etc for each niche?

  3. In terms of creating videos about product reviews, can you create good videos without a physical product? Is this something you do and does it work?

  4. Hey dan! Lovin the content! But what websites, Podcasts or youtube channels do you usually watch that are related to Marketing or "Make Money online" ? Thanks for the answer, keep up the good work!

  5. Guys serious question here:

    I bought the deadbeat super affiliate system but i have 1 question. The deadbeat theme seems "iffy". In my eyes it kinda looks like a scam, or just not a very high quality website for todays standards. Does anyone have any tips for me regarding whether i should or shouldnt use it?


  6. Hey i was about to purchase the program after reading all the free stuff i could find on your channel because I think I just need a little more help as I am new to all of this. Can you tell me what the difference is between the free stuff and the $17 program? And thanks for putting out all this content!

  7. Hey Dan, I want to start making YouTube videos for my affiliate niche sites. I addition, I would prefer to have them all under one Google account (i.e. multiple channels). But I don't want the viewers to see the other channels that are unrelated to each other. Sooo:

    Can viewers see that the owner of multiple channels is the same person?

  8. Nice one !! and I think in coming days Infographic will also play an important role. I want to start a website for click bank affiliate marketing and later on the website I like to start amazon affiliate. Please let me know that is it a good idea? and in first, one month where should I focus??

  9. I think you're right about blogging, and everything else, although I dislike FB. I have a new secret trick to 10x your blog's subscriptions, I coded it using the Mailchimp API. Currently looking for Beta testers.

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