Introduction to the Free Internet Marketing Project™ (UPDATED)

Please direct all questions and requests for support to the FIMP Facebook group (free for all registered members — you’ll receive the group invitation link if you …


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  1. Been reading a lot on Law of Attraction, especially the point about being alert to opportunities when they present themselves. Your course "appeared" AND you are also a grad of THE University of Texas? Now that's a coincidence worth exploring.

  2. Thank you for this introduction … I am beginning to see better things ahead of me … I have encounter several trainings @ a high cost as a newbie which usually makes me run and fall back.

  3. Thanks Ian for this incredible Training ! I just started section 3 and It's amazing !
    I just have a question : Why do you have blue host as the only option to support the project ? I think it'd be better if you had additional other choices like hostgator , go daddy hosting … etc
    And Again Thank you so much for all of this !

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