Lessons We Learned From Internet Marketing – Ep. 26

Work With The Tropical G’s Here www.TropicalGangstersCall.com Today we have a fun episode waiting for you guys! It is about the personal lessons each of …


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  1. Good day guys. My name is Johan Smith and i'm from South Africa. I'm following Sebastian for a while now. I love the video's that you share with us. You have a beautiful country. I'm unemployed so i dont have any income at the moment so im learing from the free stuff available on the internet. I consider myself as someone that is shy and dont like to speak much but i've learned that you need to market yourself (branding) in order to get customers. I'm currently building myself a website to do dropshipping with financial help from my wife and other family members. I need help with copywriting for my website to finalise it and put it out there to attract customers and start selling and generate some income for me. What advice or support can you offer me? Thank you.

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