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  1. Hello Mario. I am Victor of Ecuador congratulations on your beautiful life story which motivates me a lot. At the moment I am in a complicated economic situation so I wanted to ask for your help to get out of this situation. I promise to do everything necessary to achieve it. I would like to become a living testimony of your help. I hope you can help me and I will be eternally grateful to you

  2. FaaaaanTasTic!!! .. You are a True Inspiration to All, I've been following you for awhile, thanks again, for doing what you do. Love! your Products. Hope you come down to Australia one day 🙂

  3. Thanks for shaing your story, I also came to the US 4 years ago, I can feel what you said. My friend send me your video because this video has inspired him, and it inspired me after I watched it. Thank you.

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