SEO For Beginners: A Basic Search Engine Optimization Tutorial for Higher Google Rankings

New to SEO? This tutorial shows you the basics of doing search engine optimization for your website to rank high in Google. Complete SEO Course for …


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  1. If you're new to SEO, I highly recommend digging through our SEO for beginners playlist ( We also have some helpful videos that will accelerate your learning here (

    We release new videos weekly here on SEO and marketing, so be sure to subscribe/follow to get updates ►

  2. Seriously, thanks man!! you help me alllooooot with my master. It's supposed to be a "digital marketing course" but i couldn't understand it till I landed to your page. Thank you so much

  3. This is a course on keywords about search engine SEO, I have watched the videos in this course, I have successfully applied it to my website. Anyone who does online business must know SEO to get results. good results.

    Here's the course, let's develop together and start wisely:

  4. Case and point. I was not looking for keyword research but I was searching for SEO basics, which contains keyword research as a topic, and AHREFS made a tutorial for this. And now, they've won my business. Love it.

  5. I have an interview today for an SEO apprenticeship, this helped me so much get a crash course in some talking points that may come up. Thank you so much!

  6. …I was just here to learn about SEO for a job, but then I realized how I can use this for my art business. Thank you so much, SEO-ing my art website is gonna be my first project.

  7. I’m a Mass Communication graduate who is seeking a career for the Digital Marketing industry. I’m 23 and been working 2 years in the field of Engineering, which ain’t my thing at all so I’m thinking of a career switch, hopefully to pursue my own field and I literally know nothing about the Digital marketing industry let alone the SEO thing that they’re mentioning on every requirements so this is a great start to learn some basics. And wow, the explanations are so clear and very easy to understand for a beginner and slow-learner like me. Thankyou for this, Sam.

  8. Most of the searches on YouTube pull up crap videos on this subject, but your information holds value. Shame the search engines aren't smart enough to figure out bullshiters..

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