The #1 Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Online Business (UPDATED FOR 2021)

I would like to share with you the #1 marketing strategy that you need to grow your online business. This is what I spend the majority of my time doing in my …


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  1. I very much loved this video of yours.I watched it every day for the last 4-5 days.Though you are sharing simple concepts they are so empowering but also so easy to left out.Thank you so much Stefan.I also loved your video with your girlfriend and her selling on Amazon journey.I can relate to her and because of that I know that the info you are giving is genuine true and real.Thank again and have a great day !

  2. This is so true! Thank you for another awesome video. I've been creating content for a little while now and it's starting to pay off. I always like to think of it as… every time I put another article, blog post, FB post or video out there it's another chance to get traffic.

  3. The business I'm hoping to create is centred around content (articles & podcasts). Have been doing that for a couple of months. Now need to take it to the next step and monetise it. Just been holding myself back from doing that.

  4. Another great valuable video! Thanks. You practice what you preach! In the beginning of this video you mentioned that there are only a few certain people that you follow and learn from. I would really love for you to share who those people are in a video or even in a reply comment! Thanks!

  5. You have a point for improvement of communication skills. It worked for me. I started recently to improve my skills. I found good books on Kindle. Communication Skills Series by Andrew Power. Then I start applying the knowledge. Results are awesome…

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