The Difference Between Marketing vs Sales – Dan Lok

The difference between marketing and sales – Dan Lok is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and the world’s leading expert in internet marketing and is …


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  1. Anyone in these comments want to hear about how to make $300 up to $11,200 on a single sale just tag my name in the comments and let me know you are Interested. 🙏 Hope everyone had a great day today. Thanks, Billy

  2. Marketing is utilizing various platforms (social media, print, web,etc,) to create awareness and differentiation about your product/service to drive prospects to you.

    Sales: is tailoring your product/service that meets their needs/wants

  3. Marketing = everything you need to do to get people interested in your product or service.

    Sales = the more and better you did for marketing, the less you need to sell. The less marketing you do, the more you need to sell, and the more people resist you.

  4. The better your marketing the less you have to sell. Marketing that helps the potential customer see value in your product is best. It is a good idea to get some testimonials from clients indicating how by doing business with you they were able to increase sales. Thank you Sifu!

  5. It's so important to know that marketing begins the process of selling. Thank you Sifu. Thanks to you I've integrated marketing to my business, I didn't know how important it is. I am now improving my lead generation and reaching my ideal customer.

  6. Dan, thanks for pointing out the wisdom in not putting up the price initially if it is a high-end offer of two to three thousand or more before getting a chance to provide the prospect valuable insights regarding the offer.

  7. Golden insight at the end. Hustling for each sales leading to diminished returns from your ROI. Please Dan talk more about things like that. Problems we could encounter and how to overcome them. THANKS!

  8. Fours Season Resort got their Marketing right…..that attracts the 1 per cent of clients in the Caribbean…..enhance a great money spinner in the Spa….

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