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  1. Awesome information! I host Business Podcast Groningen, a podcast featuring interviews with business experts and entrepreneurs. I’d love to feature you on an upcoming episode to discuss the future of internet marketing! Would especially be interesting to hear more on your thoughts about the developments with regards to COVID!

  2. I’m 31 now but I found frank back in my early 20’s he inspired me to work online and I’ve been making 10K-30K in affiliate sales every month since I was 26. I still remember him talking about him and his cousin in Macon, GA and zaxby’s chicken! 🔥

  3. You are a freaking genius, keep in mind Kern you are the Catalyst that can bring change, all we need to do is just Empower people with the knowledge, thank you for being immensely valuable, and at the same time immensely affordable. From somebody just like yourself who is had to be in a trailer with no water, massive appreciation for what you do for the people and the children, of our future!

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