The NEW Rules Of Internet Marketing 2019: Deconstructing Mastery With Mike Long

We just put together a brand new program where I will mentor you every single week. You’ll develop and grow a new high-income skill every week, the same …


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  2. When i saw IG system i wanted to buy it and it gave me hope that i can change.And then i asked my parents to borrow me money, they said thati it is a scam then i tried to borrow money from my other family and friends everyone said that i am crazy and stupid cause i think that the IG system is not a scam,honestly that hurted my feelings really bad and i am not gonna lie i cried too.Then i tried to find a job and from 9 jobs no one didn't wanna give me a job because i dont have a strenght or i was too young to work….I don't know what i want from you people but i dont know what to do anymore. If someone have something to say that can help me or guide me in some way i would appreciate that because i lost my hope….And if you wanna say that i should wait until i turn 18 please dont say anything.

  3. Analogy between Pussy ass engine and Rolls Royce engine is good. But JC has done that in the past as well. His analogy was between Crop Duster plane and a Fighter Plane.

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