The Worst Internet Marketing Strategy

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  1. Graham I appreciate what you are saying and you have built rapport and trust through giving to Grow. I look forward to growing with you. Uncommon Diabetic is starting and is following your simple how to selling techniques. God Bless

  2. Your model works because I came looking for info – I found you. You have me the how. I wanted more. I watched more – I signed up for your freebie – even knowing I’d be taken into a funnel, because you’d shown me how to do that – but I feel that you have credibility because you’ve already proven to me that your how works. Great stuff. Thanks.

  3. I agree with this. No value what so ever. I’m actually building an entire 30 day challenge with real value/information and practical steps. I don’t wanna be that category of people who bring you in to not give value. They just show you their numbers, testimonials, and what they do without anything good lol

  4. Gary V pushes this strategy like dirt. It works, but it takes FOREVER. People hand out "whats" and "hows" all day long because they know that the PROCESS is the biggest thing that will stand in someones way of achieving the success. Therefore, they sell the "Automation" that addresses that process.

  5. I agree completely. I have watched some of those videos that keep you watching for 45 or 60 minutes and don't actually teach you anything. That DID put me off watching those type of videos. So some legitimate people are going to miss out because of those "bad" videos.

    In complete contrast I found your Recording Revolution videos and I was surprised that you were teaching us the HOW. That DID lead to me wanting MORE and when I got the chance to buy a structured course, I did so. Then another and another. I love to be shown how to do stuff and I love the structure of courses rather than guessing where I should go next.

    I now mention the Recording Revolution whenever I get the opportunity. I have just started to watch this channel and recently used your phrase when having a conversation with someone about it. "You're not selling information, you're selling transformation". What a great phrase that is, and TOTALLY true.

    But the bottom line is we follow people who are, not just credible, and you have certainly built that up over the years Graham, but people who we believe are honest and genuine. And you certainly come across as being that too.

  6. THIS! THIS! THIS! This is the EXACT reason why I have always been so resistant to information presented in video format! If I spend a minute or two pondering the matter, I’m sure I can come up with at least something I dislike more than suffering through 20 or 30 minutes of yada-yada something-something bullshit-bullshit “I JUST. SO. LOVE. to listen to myself talk on camera!” nonsense, and wishing fervently for those minutes of my life back, even if there were a couple seconds of useful information buried somewhere in the middle of it. Whereas, if the information is in printed form, then I can skim through the yackety-yack and home in on the sentence or two that actually gives me the specific information I am looking for.

    Your videos for Recording Revolution were an exception to the above. When I began struggling through the completely overwhelming ordeal of trying to figure out audio engineering on my own back in 2012 as a purebred acoustic player (violinist) with absolutely NO intuitive affinity for machines and gadgets (I still to this day don’t even really know how to properly operate an amp or any other electronic gadgets that are necessary for modern live performance!), I had no choice but to “ask the magic box” ( = Google) for information, and your tutorials started popping up once I figured out how to structure my questions (oops…”my QUERY”) in a way the search bots could make sense of.

    I was impressed not only by the clarity and efficiency of your tutorial videos (just a few minutes each to teach the specific skill I needed to understand), but also by your transparency. No need for fancy accolades and patronising academic pretensions. Just honest, ACCURATE information that is clear and brief and easy to understand (i.e., “Here’s how you do it:”) = WIN! That’s why I followed you to this new site where you teach people how to succeed by sharing our skills and passions with others through the internet.

    In fact, I still refer to those early RecRev videos you shot back in 2009-11 when I am trying to figure out some new SNAFU or just trying to remember how to do something on my recording projects (when I actually get around to doing them) on my janky, decrepit DAW running Pro Tools LE 8. Thank you!

  7. Thanks to you Graham in the last 30 days I've gotten Kajabi up and running, launched my membership site and made my first 1000 dollars. You are a gem. Thank you.

  8. Yes, have sat through a few of those. A couple over an hour long. Lots of blah blah with a few morsels thrown in. Cheek. My time is valuable too. Loving your Automated Online Income course. Your 'From no audience to income in 30 days guide' – led me there because I'd already understood – no fluff here.

  9. This is so good, thank you! I really needed to hear this. How meta is it that this vid made me intro a superfan haha I'll check out the rest of your content right away. I had already heard about the "moving the freeline" concept and how giving away real value for free is actually the best marketing strategy, but your twist and approach really made see it clearer and it hit home.

  10. Graham, it is so nice to e-meet you! I just wanted to reach out to say, I discovered your channel literally yesterday (perfect timing) and I already watched at least 5 long videos. I am absolutely blown away of the VALUE you are giving away for free. Words cannot express how much a breath of fresh air your content is. I agree with you it IS the right way to do it, from a sense of SERVICE, the rest will follow, people will so happily invest in an expert who is authentic and genuine, and I believe you are exactly that! Thank you SO much for being so generous and for building an amazing community which now I am part of. All the best from your new Hungarian subbie from Lima Peru!

  11. Thanks man, the only internet marketer I follow is YOU! I discovered this as a customer: 7 day free trial with some dripping content which was the mastering course from Streaky, slipped into it because I didn't found anywhere to cancel the free thing, and they charge you upfront I guess… anyway, I texted several times, had the email tracking on, I saw that he opened my mails but never replied… Wow. I learned some stuff in the course tough but wasnt worth the cash. Another example is a guru that sells seats to a FB live videos, teaching the what and the how is the up sell… no really value. Also texted that I want the cash back for the FB LIVE, no answer…wow. My learning: Don't do this to your future customers! thanks for saying it in this video! 🙂

  12. You're 100% right Graham. I use myself as proof. I've been benefiting from your free HOW teachings the past couple of years, and have in good turn bought two programs from you, your EP Class with ILL Factor, and am a 2nd year VIP RR Community memeber. I no doubt will stay with you and purchase more in the future. Because of your generosity, you have broken through the noise I have cancelled out, and I stick with you and only a couple of other folks doing the same. You're the model of an online teacher and GIVER that I aspire to be and am working toward. Many thanks, Gil Polk. PS – Please feel free to post this comment anywhere else you wish.

  13. I had a friend who told me that I was giving too much away and that I wouldn’t have anything left to sell. I appreciate the reminder. I hate fluff! Having a lot of words yet saying nothing. I’m still on my journey and steadily growing! Thanks again for all you do!

  14. Thank you Graham for this episode! I did not like webinars that did not teach anything. So frustrating to attend those webinars. They want to sell! Your webinar stood out because you taught us “how”. This is why I joined your community!

  15. I really believe in your message and in this 'strategy' but is some sort of scary, ha. But, I keep going despite being scared 😉 thank you!

  16. 100% agree!!! Short term gain long term loss in my opinion. People will stop trusting you if they see that you ONLY want to sell them instead of first serve them.

  17. I basically taught the HOW in a 3 video pre-launch for a strumming course and a few of my customers were upset with me because even though they bought my course (which goes deeper into the HOW) they weren't SURPRISED by anything in the actual course. The WHAT leading to the HOW is so ingrained that potential customers can, and do, complain that there was nothing new in the course (other than it went much deeper). I've always taught the HOW rather instinctively in my FREE content while other teachers say "You're giving away the HOOK – don't do that". I think you should just teach the HOW. Period. If you've created your course properly, more of the HOW is where the real value is. It's honest and selling becomes a virtue.

  18. Hi Graham, right on target. I have been annoyed by this tactic too! About 4 months ago, I followed your FREE teaching here on YouTube. Taking your "be generous" advice, gave away an 8-hour video course for FREE and used it as a lead generator. Since that time, my business income has doubled. This last month, I had my biggest sales month ever. God blessed it enough that it was TRIPLE what it was in March. I was afraid that "giving it all away" would make people not want to buy my courses. I was wrong. It only led to more sales. So thankful I took your advice!

  19. Graham you're the man!
    You're the only one who has the cojones to expose the truth!
    I always knew and questioned why most of the so-called guru online marketers teach people this snake oil way of marketing, when they're not actually giving value!
    You must give value to gain value as what you sow, you reap!

  20. SOOOO good! I heard "Give away the 'what' and sell the 'how' as established dogma when I first started in online business. I used to deliberate over what to share and what to withhold for a course later. When I found your content and started giving my best stuff away for free my brand grew and I had ZERO trouble figuring out what to package into a course and sell. Thanks for the clarity on this issue.

  21. I knew exactly what you were going to address the second I saw the title. I have seen so many of these and it makes me crazy. I've even had ones say, "This isn't just going to be another one of those webinars!" and then had nothing in them worth my time. You, on the other hand have been awesome about sharing great info and yes, I've bought two of your digital products. 🙂

  22. Most webinars today are like this. A giant waste of time. This is why I told myself I would never do this. When I host a webinar I'd rather not make a sale and have someone walk out with something actionable. Otherwise, it's like a slap in the face for people who invested their time.

  23. Graham, you mentioned that many paid courses are bad, so it is easy to make my free stuff better than their paid stuff. What are people doing wrong in their paid content that makes it so bad? Obviously I want to avoid those mistakes for both my free and paid content…

  24. I'm so thankful for you! This strategy never sit right with me and I appreciate you speaking up about this! I want to build a business I am proud of and actually help people. Thanks for another great video!

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