Top 2020 Marketing Strategies That Will Help Your Business Get Attention | RD Summit 2019

In this keynote from November 2019 in Brazil, Gary talks about a lot of the new and emerging marketings tactics that he is starting to see work that nobody is …


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    0:49 – Start of keynote
    1:20 – Gary’s origin story
    3:44 – Making money and reinvesting vs raising capital
    5:02 – The quicker you want it, the more vulnerable you are
    7:15 – Before you can sell anything, you need somebody’s attention
    9:24 – The power of the phone
    12:46 – 90% of this audience doesn’t post because they worry about judgment
    14:55 – We’ve become remarkably impatient
    15:50 – The two things you need to do immediately as a B2B business
    16:58 – The only unique leverage you have in this room is you yourself
    18:24 – The internet is eliminating the middle
    21:40: The reason for me to be here today
    23:24 – Jab, jab, jab, right hook
    26:25 – This is a volume warfare
    30:19 – Judgement is crippling our society
    33:48 – Two enormous opportunities for you: Tik Tok & Audio
    37:47 – Start of Q&A
    38:05 – What can I do to support my child?
    41:20 – Should I stay in my small town or leave?
    43:40 – Can I have a picture with you?
    44:20 – What can we do to get more clients?
    47:30 – How do you convince others?
    49:58 – How can we remove anxiety from Instagram?
    52:02 – What’s the best way to go global?
    53:55 – I came here to practice jab, jab, jab, right hook
    57:59 – How can I scale my cannabis business online?
    1:00:00 – What happened after reading and executing on “Crush It”
    1:01:10 – How do you think teaching will change over the next few years?
    1:04:23 – The odds of becoming a human being is 400 trillion to 1
    1:06:26 – What rituals do you do every day?
    1:09:11 – Why do you want to buy the NY Jets?
    1:12:27 – What keeps you up at night?
    1:14:56 – How do you prioritize your life?
    1:18:00 – Happy birthday, Gary!

  2. When the guy asks if he thinks EDUCATION will move to the internet…. 😂😂😂 he had no Idea Corona Virus was going to move all classes to online.

  3. You're definitely right about patients I have been doing youtube for 4 months with small gains. and I have been trying to grow my business with mostly small gains.

  4. The TRUTH about Gary is that he is the next President of Belarus. I mean, Gary, I'm like sereious, 70 years ago my grandfather fought agains nazi and brought a great victory back home. And it was not just him, not only my grandfather but the grandfather next door and the next door (Debussy plays) and so on. Have you ever thought about just a bit of a pay in return? Isn't it the time I mean a great time for being greatful and pay back? My grand grandfather on my mom line was a veterenerian were I was born, I was brought to his family home when I was born cuz my parents had no separate place to live and my dad (rocket scientist at the time) had to work construction site after building rockets so those hours counts and they get apt faster and basically he build the 10 story building, night shifts, were they got an apt. So that grand grand father died in Belarus a year before the war ending. The WW2 victory is not only russia's and belarus presidents celebration. I want you to kill the myth about everything, I want you to look at belarus president and every citizen out there like Modigliani looked at his fiancee father face saying the same exact words he was said. Free out the nation Gary, prove their anti-Semitic piece of mind wrong.

  5. 👌 Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. Keep reminding yourself to always have that @evenkingsfall (His Instagram name) THINK BIG approach to life! Good content as always 🖤

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