What Is A Marketing Funnel?

Marketing Funnels are one of the hottest topics in the world of business and marketing right now and for good reason. But what exactly is a marketing funnel, and …


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  1. Nice easy video. Coming from sales it's covering stuff that's embedded in you but still good to refresh and be refreshed in a nice easy to watch way 🙂
    Download his free plan P.S. that's his micro commitment 🙂 But he seems like a nice guy and if you're after this kind of service then I'd work with him.
    Good stuff!

  2. Hi, I was asked an interview question like credit cards and credit card individually will come under which stage of the marketing funnel among awareness, interest, decision and action.. can you pls let me know the right answer for this, though I answered for this question but still I'm doubtful which is right?

  3. So do you link the funnel to a website with all your products like a Teachable school? Or is the funnel itself the website with products, about me pages etc?

  4. hmmm, SOO how exactly could this be implemented, with applicable steps??
    any example in any business model would help.

  5. thank you so much for these videos! I always know im getting no fluff, just clear concise and helpful content I can use to help elevate my business!

  6. The most effective 'quick' video about Marketing funnel! Please continue to make more videos that are concise and easy to understand of beginners or for those who need refreshers!=)

  7. This was helpful. Thanks Adam. I have still have a question though: do you have tutorials in which you go deeper and explain specifically (step-by-step) how to set-up a funnel e.g. on social media? Cheers and wishing you a good day.

  8. I really like this video because it is very informational and not embedded with a bunch of product placement like other videos. Thank you!

  9. Thanks for some insight. I've just been given the possibility of starting a funnel. I Will be looking into this and doing my toe to see if I'm capable of achieving a funnel business. But I'm also very new to this so a lot of research is needed.

  10. Thanks Adam, you got one of the eye-catching , high quality channels on YouTube. I just subscribed to your channel and looking forward to see your new videos. Btw, I have a question, what is your opinion about those youtubers who claim that you can use their "done for you" funnel to earn commissions from sites like yoonla ? What should I expect from such a funnel? Are those earnings they claim real? What should I do when I pay for their service, I mean do I have to do any work ? I am just confused and I thought you can clarify any misconceptions that may I have made in this comment here. Thanks again dude.

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