What Is Digital Marketing? | Introduction To Digital Marketing | Digital Marketing | Simplilearn

This Digital Marketing tutorial video will help you learn why Digital Marketing is important, what is Digital Marketing, what are the different types of Digital …


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  1. No doubt, the video is incredible and also. Every time I watch your video I just stuck with the content of the post. How easily you describe each and every aspect of the topic of the video.

  2. "Amal Jariah means good deeds that bring rewards to those who do them, even though they are already in the afterlife. The merits of these deeds continue to flow to him as long as the living person follows or takes advantage of the results of his deeds while in the world."

    MashaAllah, thankyou so much to the team behind simplilearn providing such in depth knowledge and courses for free. May Allah bless you all in dunya and hereafter. Aamiin.. You guys are going to help a lot of people

  3. Hello, Simplilearn I am dedicating a lot of my time and energy to learning about Digital Marketing. I am really enjoying it so far.

    I have a question for you. What is the difference between the paid course on your website and all the free content you have provided on youtube?

  4. Just done watching this introduction and now I’m excited to watch all the videos in this course. I want to learn more about SEO. Thank youuuu sir for providing us your free digital marketing course!

  5. Are this 150+ videos a complete digital marketing course to become digital marketing expert if yes then I will give upto 4 months to this to become expert 😀😀😀

  6. I dont know anything about the digital marketing, but i have so much interest to learn, is this the right platfrom to learn? If yes, Why? , If No, please suggest me the best one .

  7. I am unable to access videos 132 to video 141 on this playlist because they are private. Kindly make them public so they are visible. Great content.

  8. One more question I have…… I m going to start a company…. so I want to promote it digitally(online) also….So…which videos should I watch on ur channel because there are lot of videos about digital Marketing…..that's why I am little confused…. from where I should start watching your videos on digital marketing…..pls help..

  9. Hi, I found this video informative and I am so much interested in Digital Marketing. I am just thinking, from where I can start? Seeking an advice..

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