Yuva – A Student Of Rangareddy Earning Lot Of Money Through Internet Marketing

A Student Of Rangareddy Earning Lot Of Money Through Internet Marketing.


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  3. Now he is cheating everyone.

    The way he is now earning is like this –

    – He registers with some domain and buy a site. Let's say xyz.com (some job website)
    – He fill the contents with spam and no use full information
    – Then he will hire few members, mostly ladies as bloggers and ask them to post articles
    – As those hired members to visit job searching pages in Facebook and spam it
    – Similarly spam it in all available platforms and increase the hit rate
    – He will pay the members 2$ and keep the rest of the earnings to him. Most of the persons working doesn't know that they are working for him.
    – If you see any stupid useless link in any job seraching pages in fb, it is most probably because of his work.

    Another funny thing is, initially he earned a lot. THen when the earnings declined, he started teaching greedy kids. Now those kids started doing the same way he is doing and they started teaching others. Now there are 1000's of them doing what imran is doing. (Yeah, that's why job searching pages in fb is filled with spam). Atlast because of the competetion, his earnings further dropped. Now he is not even earning anything. His people left. I heard that he is secretly looking for job and if he gets adecent salary in IT, he will leave all his work being and join the job.

    SOurce: I attended his training session

    PS: These news are just for his publicity. He fakes eveerything. Just see how many followers in fb he have and how many likes he is actually getting for his posts. All are fake followers.

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    My digital leads activities are website and mobile app creation, Google ad words (PPC) keyword planner and campaigning, bing ads, display ads, video advertising, remarketing, YouTube marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, social media optimization(SMO), e-mail direct marketing, Traffic Exchanges, Blogging, e-commerce marketing, display advertising, e-books, and other digital medias such and as SMS and MMS.

  6. sir I interested make blogger and new videos uploaded YouTube channel but I have no idea about that please help me sir how to make money through internet help me sir I m poor my number 9949091510 I stopped my studies

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