Zoobie The Internet Marketing Newbie (Episode 1)

Zoobie the Internet Marketing Newbie (Episode 1). Watch as Zoobie the internet marketing newbie tries to unleash the secrets of Adsense!!Created by Russell …


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  1. I heard many users complain to this kind of service. All you really get is automated clicks and that is all. Your ROI will be dead still.

    Is it 2 good 2 be true it probably is 🙁

  2. LOL that was pretty funny I first when i got my site set up with adsense I did think about doing that LOL. Then I ironically googled clicking on your own ads and found out it was illegal LOL. Anyway keep up the good work everyone also check out my site and tell me what you think I too am trying to share opportunities
    mitchellfaulknerii (.) WS
    Mitchell Faulkner II
    Georgias #1 Internet Marketing Guru

  3. Eva Nash Realty – Eva Nash writes Now this is funnier every time I watch it. Hah! Marketing is here to stay – Right? Russell Good Job.

  4. I emailed you today great animation,whats even funny there is the gas pill that will increase millage out of Texas Bio Preformance the gas pill cant sell yet,legal reasons.keep up the good work,allways be honest the Big Man is allways watching and you will rest good at night.Your helping the world one video at a time.

  5. Russell this is cool only saw it with no audio on your course. Look forward to more online fun, zoobie really looks like you but you would not be as silly.

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